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I bought 2 weeks ago Zanimo's Hair Loss product. I had been told all this product benefits, which would reduce the abundant hair loss of my dog Alex, a 4 year old Pyrenees Mountain.

A handsome and pretty big dog, 32 inches on the shoulder and weighs 145 pounds. I was skeptical about the claims but we were discouraged, my wife and I, so we had nothing to lose. I had to sweep the sweeper 1 to 2 times daily, so much he lose his hair.

We started the 3 week program of Zanimo's Hair Loss product. Alex loved to take these 4 chewable tablets every day, we gave him as a treat.
After only 2 weeks of using the product, we noticed a considerable decrease in hair loss. So this week, I pass the sweeper every 2 days and not every day. In addition, his coat has become softer, more silky and shiny.

Our only hope is that we would have liked to discover this gem of a product, 4 years ago.



Carl, Nadia and Alex