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A small dog whose hair reminds the texture of cotton,
from which his name comes.


Physical characteristics :
Coat : Long hair, very soft, supple and ‘’ cottony ‘’.
The dress is white with sometimes some grey spots.
Weight : 8 to 10 lbs
Longevity : 11 to 15 years


Temperament :
He is an excellent companion for children, with whom he loves to clown.
He is very affectionate and bind to his family.
He may be suspicious of strangers.


Environnement :
It is perfect for apartment living.
He likes water.



Grooming :
Little hair loss.
It is well suited to people with allergies.
Daily brushing strongly recommended, to avoid
the formation of knots
(caused by the loss of his undercoat).
The eyes should be cleaned on a regular basis.


Medical conditions to watch for :

  • Dysplasia of the hip and elbow.Luxation of the patella.
  • Ophthalmic problems.