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The Chinese Crested Dog is a small dog
known for its strange appearance.


Physical characteristics :
Coat :
Naked variety : Long and silky hair located on the head, the lower legs
and the end of the tail.
Fury variety : Powder puff has a long and silky robe.
Weight : 5 to 12 lbs
Longevity : 12 to 14 yearss


Temperament :
He is affectionate, sweet and very friendly with all those who live near him.
He is intelligent, docile, and he loves to please his master.
He is a perfect companion for children and elderly people.


Environnement :
It is perfect for living in an apartment.
He does not tolerate extreme cold.



Grooming :
The bare variety requires little or no maintenance.
He does not lose much hair (He has almost none!).
Powder Puff variety requires regular brushing.
In contrast, a seasonal moult is to be expected.


Medical conditions to watch for :

  • Dislocation of the patella
  • Ophthalmic problem