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Chihuahua is one of the smallest dogs in the world.


Physical characteristics :
Coat : Long or short hair (depending on the variety).
Dress of various colours.
Weight: 2 to 6 lbs
Longevity: 13 to 15 years old.

Temperament :
He is happy, dynamic and courageous.
He does not fear dogs bigger than him.
He is intelligent and sometimes has a strong character.
Socialized well, it can be suitable for young children.
He is independent, but very bonded to his master.
Despite his small size, he possesses guarding skills.


Environnement :
It is perfect for apartment living.
Chilly, he does not tolerate extreme climates.


Grooming :
Moulting and moderate hair loss.
Occasional brushing for the long-haired variety.
Little or no brushing for the short-haired variety.
The claws must be pruned occasionally.


Médicales à surveiller :

  • Dislocation of the patella.
  • Deafness (sometimes in white subjects).
  • Hypoglycemia.
* This breed sometimes has a fontanelle on the head that closes or not at adulthood.
   The presence of the fontanelle usually presents no risk to the health of the dog.