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The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog of remarkable kindness.


Physical characteristics:
Coat: Semi-long and silky hair of Tricolore colour.
Weight: 80 to 130 lbs
Longevity: 9 to 11 years


Temperament :
He is gentle, calm, affectionate, even see '' pot of glue ''.
It is a family dog par excellence.
He requires a lot from his family and has a great need for human contact.
His education will be done quickly thanks to his high level of intelligence.
Dressing methods should be gentle.
The Bernese Mountain Dog is very sensitive to violence.
It may remain marked for life!
He does not need a lot of exercise.
Of a little fugitive nature, he always remains close to his master.


Environnement :
He can live in a house or an apartment,
but the ideal is that it has large spaces.
He cannot bear to be left alone for hours.


Grooming :
Weekly brushing.
Strong seasonal hairloss.


Medical conditions to watch for :