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 The Australian Shepherd is a playful and energetic dog
who necessarily needs a sports family!


Physical characteristics :

Coat : Medium length, medium textured, straight to corrugated hair. The dress is blue merle, black, red merle, red, tricolour, with or without white spots and fire at the tips.
Weight : 35 to 75 lbs
Longevity : 12 à 15 ans

Temperament :

  • He is playful, kind, and extremely affectionate. Not aggressive, he is a wonderful companion for children.
  • Loyal and faithful, he is very attached to his master and his family. It is said that it is a real "pot of glue.”
  • Intelligent and extremely skilled, he is very good at working and agility competitions as well as cani-cross.
  • However, he has a lot of character, so he needs an authoritarian master capable of establishing his pack leader status.

Environnement :
It is not suitable for living in an apartment at all.
He needs space to spend his energy.
It is strongly discouraged for sedentary people.


Grooming :
BWeekly brushing.
Moderate moulting.

Medical conditions to watch for:

  • Dysplasia of the hip and elbow.
  • Progressive atrophy of the retina.
  • The anomaly of the Colley's eye (ACE).