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The Airedale is the largest of the burrows.
His intelligence and playful nature make him a wonderful family dog.

Physical characteristics :
Fur: Dense and hard of color fire and black.
Weight: 44 to 50 lbs
Longevity: 10 to 13 years

Temperament :

  • He is sociable, extremely affectionate, friendly, courageous and very intelligent.
  • It is a perfect family dog, provided that this family is active.
  • His intelligence facilitates his education.
  • However, he is stubborn, so he needs a master who knows how to be respected.

Environnement :
His need for exercise is great.
It is not suitable for apartment living.

Grooming :
It must be shorn at least once a year.
Little hair loss.
It is well suited to people with allergies.
Weekly brushing is enough.

Medical conditions to watch for :

  • Eczema
  • Hip dysplasia