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@ Martine Lavallée BAA, TSA

Quebec has millions of pets in more than one in two households. Most of these animals generally show very good comfort in normal times, that is to say in periods when there is no confinement due to COVID-19.

It gives life at home
In these times of confinement, our pets enjoy the presence of humans all day long, unlike usual. Their presence and ours gives life to the house and it feels good.

For dog owners, they must leave their home for the needs, but near the home. It allows dog owners to get some fresh air and maybe meet neighbors (we would have said that for dogs some  times ago). 

With the beautiful warmer days, and with confinement, I like to go out and work on my field. I take this opportunity to invite all my animals to join me. My cats monitor my chickens and all my actions while my chickens enjoy moments of pure happiness. Indeed, they never tire of following me and rummaging in the ground where I moved the earth. They are "my support team" in the garden, but in my heart too. People walking around my street stop me and ask me all kinds of questions: "Do you sell eggs?"; "Do you keep them in the winter?"; "How many do you have?"; "Do you have a rooster?"; etc. In short, because of my chickens we chat and we exchange, it feels good!

As much as my cats comfort me beyond my expectations in the house, so do my hens accompany me in my outdoor tasks. It feels good!

My animals are often in the same mood, which is emotionally reassuring. They are happy to count on me to support themselves (at least that is what I am addicted to) so that they do not have to worry about being in survival mode. Survival is kind of what we're going through these days with COVID-19.

Also, my pets demand, without knowing it, that I look into their wellbeing. So, I'm not always thinking about myself. Also, I have a sense of obligation and accomplishment towards my pets. It feels good!

I am not a psychologist, I am an animal health technician. I have always been driven by the desire to take care of animals. Today, with the containment measures, I realize how our little pets extricate us from our daily lives and our worries. It feels good!


Changes in our lifestyle

Our constant presence at home, imposed by confinement, affects some pets. Some will develop excessive dependence, especially in dogs, on us. Or others, like the puppy or the kitten, cannot be socialized as it should be. For the adult cat, a disruption of the routine can complicate our lives.

For many of our pets, confinement is like a form of blessing, with a hugging service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, “Want it all” walks and a constant presence of their favorite humans.

Our dogs may get used to being with them at all times. When the confinement is finished, for them it will be the end of the world. They could develop separation anxiety, the signs of which are: destructive behavior, hyper salivation and self-harm.

To avoid this, we must therefore ensure that our dog can have moments of solitude during confinement, that is to say organize periods of gradual absence or we leave our dog with his toys topped with food, by example.

Do not forget to also meet the needs of our animals, except when they have bad behavior. Be careful not to stress our animals and not to cover them too much.

COVID-19 - reminder and transmission by our pets

"On this subject, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association states that" although the virus appears to be from an animal source, it is now spread from person to person. (...) There is no data, to date, indicating that dogs and cats can ... [transmit COVID-19 and] be infected with ... [This one, except very rare cases] [1]


Food stocks for our animals

Some pet food stores are still open with restrictions. It is therefore possible to obtain pet food, litter, feed, seeds or granules even during confinement.

As for veterinary care, the clinics are open and offer emergency services.
Get informed!




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