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The bath allows your dog to get rid of dust, accumulated dirt, dead hair, various skin problems and especially bad smells.

First bath

If this is his first swim, take all the precautions not to scare your pet. Place it at the bottom of the bath or sink and allow it a few moments to get used to the place. You can talk to him gently, give him a little treat or just congratulate him if he stays calm.


Before washing, it is recommended to brush the animal that will help to dislodge the impurities accumulated in his hair and also to eliminate the knots. A good brushing increase the blood circulation at the base of the living hairs and promotes their regrowth.

Bath Time
Check that the jet is not too abrupt and that the water is lukewarm. Avoid putting water in his eyes and protect his ears, so as not to frighten him.

Choose a dog-friendly shampoo designed with natural ingredients to keep skin moisturized. Apply a quantity of shampoo that is reasonable and to the size of the animal. Massage well everywhere. Take care to thoroughly rinse the hair thoroughly at least twice to avoid the accumulation of shampoo residues (risk of itching and dandruff).

Once the bath is finished, immediately dry the animal and remove the excess water with a good towel to avoid any cooling. You can use a hand dryer, taking care not to burn your skin and hair, so not too close to the body. Repeat the brushing to get a well-peeled coat.

Choose your product
It is better to get a shampoo designed for dogs to clean and moisturize their skin, and especially to allow the deposit of a protective film.

Frequency of washing
Everything depends on his activity, his lifestyle and the care you bring him. If you brush your pet regularly, washing will be less frequent. Ideally for seasonal changes (4 times a year). Do you like to groom him more often? Do not forget that the quality of a shampoo makes all the difference.

Note: Regular cleaning with Zanimo Organic Argan Oil Shampoo will help moisturize and maintain its soft, shiny and shiny health. But in the presence of itching, sores, red patches or any other skin problem, always consult a veterinarian.

@ Raymond Racicot, veterinary doctor

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