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© By Martine Lavallée BAA, TSA

We are now winter and curiously I saw a lady with her golden doodle freshly mowed on a leash. Chatting with a friend on the corner of the street, temperature was -20. This dog had no more natural winter protection nor coat to protect him from cold, he shuddered with his whole body. However, this owner probably had good intentions when she groomed her dog. She probably thought that he would lose less hair, he would not moult, he would be more comfortable and it would be less maintenance for her. Now, we must lose one’s human reflexes of anthropomorphism where we believe we know everything, without knowing our pet’s needs. For example, did you know that cats and dogs do not sweat like us, so having bare skin does not help them evacuate heat, on the contrary. Their main method of cooling is panting. Shaved animal finds itself without any fur barrier against the ambient temperature. Which complicates his work of temperature self-regulation.(Read More)